Retail Kiosks and RMU

Outback Automated Shades rolling security doors and retail security shutters are seen on kiosks of many shapes, sizes, and uses. Our team understands the needs of kiosk manufacturers and the importance of design and function to the retailer. Outback Automated Shades stocks an extensive inventory of materials that fit the needs of each project and in cases where the project requires something special. We partner closely with our vendors to find the best solution for our clients. As a result of these partnerships, we can provide the custom solution you need to fit your project.

When retailers leave for the day they need to leave knowing that their merchandise is safe from crimes of opportunity. Whether in a mall, airport, or any other place goods are sold, Outback Automated Shades security roll shutters are found protecting merchandise. Since Outback Automated Shades maintains a wide range of materials, operating systems, and locks our team can work with you to design a system that is easy to operate while providing the protection that is required.

In many cases locking the front door of the store is not enough to detour thieves. That is where Outback Automated Shades rolling security doors and security shutters provide that additional layer. Outback Automated Shades partners with retail display case manufacturers and retailers to design solutions that fit their needs. Settings where these unique designs can be found are in Jewelry Stores, Gun Stores, Pawn Shops, Tobacco Stores, Pharmacies, Cannabis Dispensaries and other retail environments that stock and display high value merchandise.

Outback Automated Shades provides rolling security doors and security shutters to secure point of sale terminals when not in use. While designing a new point of sales fixture or retro-fitting an existing unit, contact our team to help with the rolling doors or security shutters. Whether it is a kiosk shutter that you need or a shutter to protect your fixtures, Outback Automated Shades is here to help you with finding the right solution.