Counter Shutters

Outback Automated Shades provides tambour door and counter shutter applications and has done this for over 3 decades. Outback Automated Shades understands these applications, and what you will encounter while in the design and installation phase. Most importantly, this knowledge makes Outback Automated Shades the partner you need to get the job correct and exceed your expectations.

Outback Automated Shades will work to find the right material for the project and provide you options. Each counter shutter or rolling tambour door is made to fit the project it is ordered for. Outback Automated Shades is here to provide support to help you create the solution the delivers the design and function required. The Outback Automated Shades Team has the experience and knowledge needed to be an excellent resource for you on any of your projects.

Whether a counter shutter is needed to secure an area, an appliance garage for a home or your client has the need to secure 500 POS terminals, Outback Automated Shades can help, From initial concept, material selection, design of the application. Outback Automated Shades is the company that is the reliable partner to help make the project a success from the start of the project.

Our entire team at Outback Automated Shades has a firm understanding that our clients have deadlines to meet. For that reason, we are constantly taking steps to be innovative in our production processes and automation to ensure short lead times.