Outback Automated Shades

Commercial Applications

Our commercial system can be used for multiple applications, such as outdoor dining areas, hotels, resorts, casinos, and special event areas.

Designed to meet the rigorous conditions and perform when needed to protect your guests during in-climate weather conditions.

Guaranteed to withstand winds up to 85 MPH in the deployed position.
We specialize in wide spans and can produce our system up to 30’ wide and 24’ tall.(LIMITATIONS APPLY)

Save money by covering multiple openings vs. individual screens. Complete end retention system, no blow out, completely seal your outdoor area and protect from bugs, birds, rodents, wind and rain.

We work with several National Restaurant chains and Hotels Nationwide.

Residential Applications

Turn your garage into a work or play area. Archway? Use on the exterior of your home to keep the heat and UV rays out.

Keep out the glare over windows with blackout material! Store your RV or personal vehicle in your carport and maintain it’s cleanliness.

Entertain on your patio or porch without those pesky insects. Motorize your pool cage to create a useable room outdoors. Enclose your entire home with motorized screens for your own unique look. New Construction Or Remodel.
Hide the units into cavities in the wall when constructing decorative arches.

During new construction the system can be concealed out of view using our Recessed application. Can be used in conjunction with motorized hurricane
shutters or Screens for a Dual System.

Our Products

Progressive’s motorized screens accent the beauty of your home, Residential or business, without losing aesthetic appeal.

Every business owner knows the key to success is keeping guests happy. Make them want to come back! Keep heating/cooling costs to a minimum.

Incorporate multiple motorized screens into new construction or a remodel. It’s easy! If you’re in the process of designing your dream home, or renovating your patio, you can include motorized screens with just a few simple steps…

Remote control options are endless! Integratable with smart home systems and also controllable from your cell or tablet .

The Most Durable, Problem-Free, ‘Smart’ Screens in the World