Millwork and Cabinet Tambour Doors

Outback Automated Shades has a long history of working with companies to develop rolling tambour doors and security shutters for millwork applications. Because of this Outback Automated Shades is an industry leader when it comes to partnering on these projects. Whether it is a large project that involves creating a rolling tambour door or security shutter solution that will be replicated time and time again or a one off project that has specialty powder-coating or design involved, Outback Automated Shades is the company that you should call.

Outback Automated Shades has a wide variety of materials that can be utilized to meet the requirements of the job. Ranging from 24mm contemporary looking extruded slat and our 37mm foam injected roll form aluminum to our 35mm extruded designs and impact resistant 53mm, Outback Automated Shades has it covered. Outback Automated Shades has also designed a variety of guide rail and track options as well as operator systems specifically designed for millwork. The entire Outback Automated Shades Team is committed to partnering in finding the right tambour door or security shutter solution for the project.

All Outback Automated Shades rolling tambour security door and security shutter solutions are made to your specification. Due to this, Outback Automated Shades can customize your tambour door to your project. While Outback Automated Shades stocks a wide variety of colors and profiles, occasionally a project presents itself that requires a true partner to make it happen, Outback Automated Shades is that partner. Outback Automated Shades has strategic vendor partners that we work with daily to provide solutions where our competitors either will not or cannot.